Today’s reminder

Today, life reminded me of this wonderful lesson, “Say what you mean, mean what you say.”

Simple. But not easy 😉

Why simple, healthful, and close to nature?

Simple, healthful, and close to nature were the exact words that appeared when I looked up the definition for organic.

I’ve been in recovery from an eating disorder for about 3 years now and one thing I’ve learned is that recovery is NOT easy.  But to keep it simple means following a meal plan, attending therapy and medical appointments, and staying honest with the treatment team. It’s not always easy but I can strive to keep it simple.

Healthful- feeding the mind, body, and soul. Recovery for me has been all about being aware of what I am thinking, what my body is feeling, and what my soul needs/wants.

Close to nature- I strive to stay connected with the great outdoors; maybe it’s walking or maybe it’s soaking up the sun. Close to nature also means that I dig through my emotions and try to find the roots for why I am acting/responding in a certain way. Close to nature can also mean reaching out to my recovery support, staying grounded through times of stress.

In short, after reading the definition for organic, it made sense to call my blog organicRecovery because simple, healthful, and close to nature are the very things that I strive to maintain in my recovery.